Merlin U Ward comes from an entrepreneurial background. After successfully launching his first business at eighteen he found his knack for business process and marketing. He adopted the philosophy “marketing is a part of everything,” where marketing is approached as part of every business process from product development to accounts receivable. It is from this philosophy and his years consulting businesses in Arizona, that Merlin fell in love with the diverse applications of social media as part of the marketing machine.

As social media evolved, Merlin continued to explore the new networks and tools that came along with the changing landscape. Merlin joined Renegade, an agile social media agency in New York City, in 2012. There as acting social media strategist, he applied and enhanced processes for implementing, tracking, and improving a companies’ social media presences.

In 2013, Merlin published his book, You Get What You Give on social media principles and strategies for companies and brands of all sizes. In it is the framework for a social media presence in the true spirit of “marketing is a part of everything.” It outlines internal policy, metrics, and five strategies to make a brand successful online.

In his free time Merlin brews his own craft beer and travels with his wife. He is a geek and always enjoys a good strategy board game. You’ll also find him in the mix wearing funky socks!