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In an effort to continually test online tools and engagement practices I’ve decided to run a small social experiment.

Klout recently launched the +K program that allows users to give people extra kudos on topics that klout has identified that person is influential about. Generally these keywords are derived from content that you post online that gets attention (likes, retweets, and comments). So, I ask, “what does it take to become influential on topic that klout hasn’t yet recognized you as influential about?”

The #Futzing Goal
Futzing is a word I use frequently on speech but not necessarily online. So, I’ve chosen to attempt to become recognized as influential about “#futzing” by klout in 10 days!

The Challenge
#Futzing is a hashtag that doesn’t exist on twitter, or at least isn’t popular and has no following. Getting attention for #futzing will be difficult. Klout measures influence on past performance; I have 5800 past tweets of content regarding business, entrepreneurship, and marketing I must combat for influence. Also, #futzing is an odd word and working it into relevant content will be the most interesting hurdle to overcome.

Today, Thursday, June 23 if officially day one. In 10 days Klout should recognize @MerlinUWard as influential at any degree for “#futzing”.

Stay tuned for updates and follow the conversation!