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All too often we’re inundated with the hype, jargon and buzz words of the world. Especially in the world of marketing and social media. We focus so much time on creating “channels” and utilizing the “latest tools” that we lose sight of the message. We’re so busy strategizing that when it comes time to create the message we just push something out that only really speaks to us. We gloss over the most important part! The take away from our crafty strategy is lost because it no longer relates to the people for which it was meant to be received.

Gary Vaynerchuck put it best this morning: “Auto- DM’s are SHIT! Enough it’s 2012, act human – geeeeezous!!!!!!!”

“Act Human” – a notion that a lot of people and brands are forgetting. This doesn’t just apply to social media. When faced with any decision, especially in business, marketing, strategy, or networking, we need to act human! We are people and we connect best with genuine people. We have a need to relate and find common ground. By pushing out words that don’t mean anything to anyone but yourself and automating your responses you’re missing a huge part of building meaningful relationships all around you – in your business and personal life.

Speak in the terms of your audience and you will be well received.

Thanks to Adam Willis for sharing the video