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“If you pursue your passion, the money will follow” – Unkown

We’ve all heard some version of the quote above. In my last post “Social Media Monetization” I stated there isn’t enough relationship building in big business. In the past few days I’ve been reading a lot of blogs on the future of social media, how to use it, etc. Unfortunately, and in spite of what others may think, I don’t believe there will ever be a standard for social media. All the technology in the world won’t be able to predict a single consumer’s behavior, and if it ever does, we as consumers will become extremely bored with getting exactly what we want – that’s human nature. The best any company can do is try not to annoy people in their great effort to become “friends” with their consumer to realize some return.

Social media is a tool that helps you listen to consumers and manage branding – Branding is not advertising and anyone who is using Social Media for advertising is missing a REALLY BIG POINT – Once you truly come to the realize what social media is, you can avoid the classic and perhaps not so well known pitfalls of so many other companies. The idea is to retain consumer interest through interaction and adding value to their personal lives. I used Cox, Coke and Walmart as my social media martyrs. They do great advertising, but when it comes to their social media, they lack the pizzas and creativity of becoming and being their consumers friend and going beyond the character limit. Perhaps it’s simply just because they don’t want to put in the time.

Today I lean on a few people who I believe say it better than I ever could. Mentor and firned, Joan Koerber-Walker (@JoanKW) posted today the specific uses of each Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog and Website. All social tool every business or “solo-preneur” should understand.

Your brand is how OTHERS see you…

Your LinkedIn profile is your chance to tell your professional story. Make sure it is complete and accurate…

…For your business, project, or group, set up a Facebook page. It’s a great way to share news, ask for feedback and interact with people who have something to share about what matters most to your business or organization…

What are you doing, reading or thinking about? Twitter is a great way to share it and find out what is interesting to others too…

Have something to say or share? Blog it. Be creative and consistent. You might be surprised as to who might be interested and willing to join the conversation….

Over 25 years ago, a friend shared with me that the day will come when if you do not have a website, no one will believe your company is “real”…

Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang), someone who I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with in the last week, has great ideas and research to back it on the future of social media. His past post is on the opportunities and challenges of managing social media as a business…

What It is, and Examples Opportunities Challenges
Real-Time Web Information published as it happens, often, content is consumed in real time, with the reader also broadcasting back, resulting in synchronous communication. Examples: Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook Status updates. Consumers can give instant feedback about their needs. Companies can respond to the immediate needs of customers. Excessive noise from everyone publishing their status. Companies unable to sort through noise, prioritize, and react. This problem to compound over time.

So, as you go out on the interwebs, you can fulfill your consumers lives on a personal level. You have to mean it and you have to do it regularly, clearly, and punctually. It’s a relationship, don’t forget that. As long as your company is staying true to itself, shares it’s passion with it’s following, the conversions, sales and money will follow.