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Google recently announced their development of the Google Glasses, augmented eyewear also known as “Project Glass”. Only a few days in and the internet has already taken hold. Unlike the anti Facebook and Twitter consumer generated content we saw in support of the G+ launch, consumers are ragging on Google’s Development!

More images available at this Mashable Article

Concerns are also being expressed. In this article by Forbes, James Poulos describes a few ways the Glasses will revolutionize the world and one way it won’t. The deep concern from Poulos is how it will affect our laws. Intuitively, having glasses that can recognize faces and feed public, online information about a person directly and discretely to you could lead to a whole new kind of discrimination.

More interesting are the potential effects on the Social World. Imagine the “ultimate” pickup artist app which allows you to recognize someone’s face in a social setting, see their age, relationship status, 5 last blog and video posts. You have instant access to learning about them and could create custom tailored pickup lines. Or visa versa, read something incorrectly and miss out on a potential soulmate.

We already have almost immediate access to our contacts online profiles through mobile devices, but the Google Glasses puts a dangerous twist to the access. It allows us to do it discretely. A major complaint from the boomers is that mobile devices come to dinner tables and interfere with in person communication. With the glasses you could literally be watching a YouTube video while making eye contact with your grandparent, spouse or parent – them none the wiser!

How do you feel about the potential upside and downside to the Google Glasses?