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This year’s holiday season brought out the big players in Black Friday ads. Every department store was boasting their best sales on the biggest shopping day of the year, but there was one company that stood out…. like a splinter under your thumbnail.

Target’s “crazed” Christmas Champ seemed to miss the mark by a few feet. This hysterical woman is so excited about the deals offered at target she literally loosing it. This series of videos is an okay attempt at humor, but when put into contrast of Target’s other advertising and that of it’s competitors it doesn’t seem to sit right with consumers.

Consumer already have an overwhelming feeling about the holidays. Especially those courageous mothers who battle in hand to handbag warfare for the perfect gifts. Target’s commercials are unsettling as they are a blatant reminder of the chaotic crowds to be dealt with on black Friday. Do those women, mothers and Black Friday consumers want to would admit to relating to the wired Christmas Champ? She’s the epitome of the anxious, awkward, powerless consumer that is crumbling under pressure and quite honestly a turn-off to female consumers.

Christmas Champ is a harsh contrast to the level headed, cheap chic, happy, Target Fashionista of yesteryear that was excited for designs by Mossoni, Alexander McQueen and Zac Posen. That was a campaign female shoppers could relate to. A shopping experience they wanted to be a part of and did not dread. And yet, despite all that, @ChristmasChamp still has a strong following and support.

How do you feel about Christmas Champ? Did these ads sway your shopping in any way?