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Just after Christmas, Coke jumped on the Tumblr train with their blog “Happiness Is“. It is surprising how many people haven’t heard of or explored Tumblr, but there are 60 brands actively using it, including our favorite microblogging platform Twitter. One brand that might surprise you in this mix is Huggies

So what do Coke and Huggies see in Tumblr that a lot of brands and people are missing? Tumblr holds their future! It is most popular with teens, and like the MySpace craze, you are not cool unless you are on Tumblr. Eleven million teens are using this service! Coke and Huggies are investing in their future. If you look at their blogs they are chalk full of special interest images all geared towards the younger demographic. A lot of images of trendy clothes and positive messages. Huggies posts a plethora of celebrity content you might see out of a People magazine. From a marketers standpoint, it is a genius move!

By the time these teens are of age and making purchases of their own, they will have years of embedded imagery of these brands. So, who do you think they are going to buy? Yep, any company interested in the longevity of their brand should start a Tumblr blog…