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Over the last few weeks I’ve been asked “How do I use social media the best?“. I’ve watch companies continually pushing information with little or no interaction. Companies interacting but in a completely robotic manner and even some that are still just trying to add as many followers as possible (that’s soooo 2006). What’s clear to me is that many don’t get social media (especially using it as a company brand) and as for the people asking the question, well you’re just as lost.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve seen it. Big companies, corporate giants, are “getting” social media. I was blown away. Just after someone asked me the question in bold, I tweeted that I really appreciate Comedy Central’s social media play – specifically their Facebook posts. I said this because I see that they are very active, they have a great understanding of their audience and they post a variety of content. They’re not blatantly shoving ads in my face and are using the ultimate social media tool, humor – yes, I guess they have a leg up on that one. Not 1 hour went by before @ComedyCentral tweeted me back this…

What is this?!?! No ad, no plug, not even a link. Just a simple thank you and even an allusion to the content on my website. Joe Schmo at the Comedy Central computer terminal took the time to not only visit my website, but read my content and tweet back to me in a humorous way.

Why is this amazing? I’ve heard tons of stories of the small biz or entrepreneur use social media correctly. But BIG BAD Comedy Central using it the right way blows my mind! It gives me hope. They reached out and touched me in a personal way and showed me they took at least a moment to find out who I am. THAT’S HOW YOU USE SOCIAL MEDIA.

Another short example. I had a conversation with a friend about how the local Chase branches were awful to work with and how I moved to Wells Fargo. That same day, Wells Fargo hit me back with this…

There is a shining light that big companies are watching, learning and willing to be there for their customers. I don’t often say this, but heed the examples of the big companies mentioned here today. Learn from their actions. Think about how your followers would feel if you reached out personally and the trust you can instill in that relationship simply by taking a moment to know them. You’ll change a customer to a devoted follower.

Just think, a kind word on Twitter might turn into an appreciative blog post burned into the walls of the internet left to be searched for generations to come!