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Did you jump into the Black Friday madness? Dealing with longs lines, crazed shoppers and bad moods is a consumers worst nightmare! Every year, millions of people go out at the first sliver of light to break into the unmatched sweet savings of the 5am deal!

A smart brand can give consumers much more than a “sale” … On a day like this the thrifty shoppers make purchase decisions by price tag, which for some stores may be a loss leading strategy. However, now is the time to plant that seed of the consumers’ experiences for the years of return business.

The experience you build in the consumers’ minds are the reason why they shop in your store; the way your staff addresses their questions and purchases – overlook the frustrations and meet everyone with a smile – and giving them a confident feeling for shopping with you. A great feeling will bring people back.

Offer to connect with your consumers in their favorite online spots (social networks). This is where you can take your brand, your voice and tone to build a relationship with the people who bought at your store. Put out information on gift wrapping in your voice. Share ideas for gifts for specific family members and repurpose gift idea posts from your consumers. Think “value add”. Show them you care about them and the impact the items they purchase make on their recipients.

If you have them, share videos from holiday parties from your company and their gift giving experiences. You’ve done a lot of promoting, but after today you should get into the spirit. Videos, blogs, mobile tools, in store augmented reality are all ways to give your consumers reason WHY they should shop with you and a great feeling while doing it. Because that feeling will go far beyond the sale.