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Empathy is powerful

The video brings to light interesting notions about how we as people behave online. Being a huge advocate for social media I had trouble stomaching this video. But a part of me believes that there is truth in this message. I myself have had moments where I just refresh the page waiting for new stimulus. The natural solution to this is to reach out and engage someone. I don’t think I’m alone with this.

Assuming that this video is right and there are more people online that are just waiting for for that moment to really connect, hoping for the chance to have a real conversation, then there is a lot of opportunity out there. Opportunity to make a difference, to build real relationships, and uplift your audience.

There are many people online doing this already on social media. Many of the admired people in the industry understand the importance of relationships and the power of really making a connection online. How are you engaging to make a difference in your audience’s online experience?