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You Hear, you agree, now Do!

You go to conferences and you hear people say really smart things. If you look around the audience you will most likely see everyone nodding their heads. Even though we hear people say smart things, and we agree with them, we often don’t put them into practice. So, here are a few things you’ve probably heard, agreed to, but aren’t really practicing on a daily basis…

  • Listening for brand related keywords in the social space: You should know what conversations your brand is the topic of in the social space.
  • Focusing on quality of your followers, not the quantity: Quality over quantity. Actually start treating each existing follower like a millions bucks instead of trying to get more for the sake of having more.
  • Being relevant: Not just posting about a daily national holiday. Truly give your audience content that applies to their daily lives. Try doing it without wrapping it around a advertising message.
  • Have a conversation: Stop talking about yourself, stop talking about yourself, stop talking about yourself. Have a conversation.
  • You can manage what you don’t measure: Social media has a lot more to measure than numbers of tweets, followers, post, and likes. Do you know how much website traffic is coming from your social presence, or how many of your sales can be attributed to your posts?

These are fundamental, but people keep saying them over and over again at conferences. My hunch is that these keep being repeated because people aren’t actually doing them. Until we start putting these into practice, we can’t move on. We can’t expand our knowledge because we haven’t tried and found results with these basic concepts that we “know.” We just keep nodding in agreement without actually knowing the outcome of those activities for our brands. So go out, start doing, and then we can all advance together.