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Kotex and Smoyz, an ad agency from Israel, launched the first Pinterst campaign targeting 50 influential users. The results were interesting…

The campaign only garnered 684,853 total impressions, which seems awfully low for what a campaign like this would cost. Shipping, time and product have a hefty pull on the ROI. Granted this video also gained an extra 65,000 impressions. Overall, it was a great play by Kotex and Smoyz. In the true spirit of social media and understanding the individual consumer they produced a campaign that will be memorable for 50 women.

This poses an interesting challenge. Only being able to estimate the true cost of this campaign, would it be financially feasible to give each influential consumer of your business this kind of individual attention? You certainly don’t have to go to this extent, but could you and would you go this far to understand your consumers?