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You must “encourage positive conversations to drive advocacy” with your strategic content. It should “enhance the customer experience by facilitating authentic conversations.” As a marketer your job is to “facilitate audience conversations and drive engagement with social currency” and “maximize buzz by driving word of mouth from relevant influencers.

And how do you do this? Easy! “Identify relevant and compelling hooks for the audience, create content around the hooks and integrate it into their social repertoires.” Then “humanise the brand by driving the audience conversations.” The next step is to “repurpose front-end platforms” and “amplify word of mouth by motivating influencers.

All in all, your content should “maximise the customer experience, driving engagement and bringing the brand alive.

Want to “drive sexy paradigms” like me? All quote from this post are available from:

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Its all to easy to make the internet sound “smart”, take caution with those slinging their crap.