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I recognize there is a disparity between “best practices” and your business practices. Social media (and marketing in general) can be a tough gig, especially as a sole business owner. There are a lot of reasons I wrote You Get What You Give, and many of them are likely to be reasons you would want to read it.

  1. You’ve deleted a post hoping no one saw it. We’ve all read the recent debacles in social. There seems to be a new one every week! But you’ve dodged the bullet. For now.
  2. You’re under pressure to prove social media’s value as part of the marketing machine. This is an issue, especially if you work at an agency. Why should a brand spend upward of $50,000 a month for content and community management, or hire someone internally at a higher rate? Well, the answer is in the book, but it has to do with how you measure social, and whether you have short-term or long-term goals you intend to meet using social..
  3. You have been asked, “What’s a follower worth?” As an analytics geek, this sounds like a fun challenge, but also can seem like an impossible task. It’s not. However, it does start with strategy.
  4. You need a new direction for the brand. Did your brand recently make a change? It’s time to freshen up marketing, and that includes social media. The book explores five strategies you can use to set your brand in the correct direction.
  5. Your team has had one too many close calls with backlash. This problem may not even be the fault of the social team! But the underlying business issues and processes for handling it are very important. It’s all outlined in the social media policy and guidelines chapter in the book.
  6. Your clients are still asking for a larger footprint. Are your clients still living in 2006? Larger footprint and pushing product are from the days of old. Time to give them a better understanding of social’s capabilities. You may even want to buy them a copy!
  7. You have an interest in starting a new social media program. If you’re not on social media, yet, or you are launching a new brand, then this book will get you moving in the right direction and with purpose!

You Get What You Give lays out the path to finding the answer to these questions for your brands. It’s the starting point for a healthy and effective social media presence. After reading it, you will be skipping over best practices articles all together because you have already identified the best practices for your business and have been using them successfully.

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