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Its been about one and a half years since I attended a Social Media Club (@smcphoenix) event. The last time was by invite of Francine Hardaway (@hardaway).

Its kicking off pretty good. Lots of familiar faces from twitterverse. The club is taking a new son and announced a few changed coming up. Going more customer centric and honing in on the member needs. The the main points bring education, sharing/workshops, and exploring new social media. Their focus i’s on professional and personal social media.

Today we’re talking about business personas. Perfect for the DripMedia (@Drip_Media) intern! Its about creating a voice, knowing your audience and interacting with your audience in yor unique tone. Preaching to the choir, but this if going to be fun!

Ok… Break! …

We broke into groups and faced specifics challenges and answered interesting questions. How do you make lawyers look good online? How do you create a personal brand? What do you do when you get people taking about your brand in ways that don’t fit your brand? How do you educate people on social topics and get people to actually listen?

The overall take away was careful strategy and planning. Build plans for good and bad situations. Stick to your brand! Use your the voice that fits your brand and manage unwanted messaging with velvet gloves.

If you havent been to a Social Media Club event, do it! Their new workshop format is great and informative.