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And so it begins. By now you’ve notice that Facebook implemented changes recently. Changes that most likely annoy you and unfortunately closely resemble Google+. For instance:

The “Top Stories”: content curated based on the amount of feedback it receives, which is identical to how G+ formats it’s home stream. You have 550+ friends and now you can see the highlights of what most of them comment on. Unfortunately this means you’re going to get Top Stories of people who you follow that get a lot of comments without the convenience of a true timeline or relevance based on how recently you interacted with those friends (which is how it used to work).

The side bar updates: The timeline of information you’re missing from your stream, but displayed in such a way it almost impossible to follow and doesn’t distinguish between the type of update. Not to mention it also seems to mimic what’s immediately to the left of it.

Now, if someone posted a fun song you want to listen to while you browse the rest of the stream…. well you just can’t do it anymore – that is of course if you can even recognize it rich media that was shared.

It’s clear that Facebook has tried to show they can quickly reinvent themselves in the face of the immediate threat of Google+. However, the audiences on each network are very different. Most Facebook users still turn away from G+. So, why is FB trying to display content like Google+?

Are you happy with the changes? Comment and share your thoughts!