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The Relationship Status

The Relationship Status

A fun tool brought to my attention by Josepf Haslam called Wolfamalpha Facebook Analysis. It takes a nice statistical look at your profile and breaks your friends down into various demographics, tells you your most liked picture is and event which words you use most often in your post vocabulary.

What was most interesting about this analysis was Relationship Status. This was the breaking point and “big idea” for Facebook when it first launched – it was what everyone in college wanted to know – and it turns out it is still the most interesting data. This may not be true for everyone, but my data matched National Data almost identically – aside from a slight increase in single people in their 40′s. (The Right Corner of the Map is the data I am referring to) Even with my weighted average towards the 20-something range.

Turns out only 29.5% of the people I know are single; a large chunk are married or engaged. Although I’m “friends” with slightly more females, I am only connected with men over the age of 55 and under 20.

Check out a few screenshots from the data. Click the (i) button to see the captions:

Homebrew: The Mash

Homebrew: Jalapeno Saison

This weekend I tried my hand at homebrewing! I ordered myself a nice little kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop and a beer that I instantly fell in love with after readying the name – Jalapeno Saison. Having a long history with legos and the frustration that can occur and having never brewed before, I read the instruction 6 times over before even beginning. I then read each step twice during the process. Yet, I still managed to miss that I needed ingredients that weren’t included in the package; agave nectar and jalapenos. Luckily I always have spicy peppers in the house and I made for a quick substitute for the nectar with honey; only after I confirmed the sugar concentration comparison with this nifty website. It turns out 1 unit honey = 1 unit agave nectar. Check out the gallery and video below!


#BeerChat, Cheers to Community!

Thursday, August 23rd, I had the honor of hosting #BeerChat, a Twitter Chat created by @ActiveBeerGeek about Beer on Thursday at 9 P.M. EST. Having a few pals that I drink brews with on a weekly basis I knew there would be at least a few tweeps partaking. I also chose a topic I knew that there was an interest in and trending the craft beer world, canned beer.

I invited a few of the breweries I knew that had canned beers and also the people to join in on the fun. What ensued was what I would call a “screaming success”.

A total of 351 tweets were generated in the hour of the chat creating 2.17 MILLION impressions.

We had a sighting of a very unique beer, thanks to @GhostofElHombre

And even the great @OskarBlues join in on the fun!

Great big THANKS to everyone who joined in on the fun! See you next Thursday.

Picture 5

A Geek’s Wet Dream For Data

If the image above doesn’t excite you – or at the very least, greatly intrigue you – you can’t call yourself a geek. What you see above is the volume of tweets containing “#Euro2012″ by country during the Euro 2012 Football Tournament – That’s “soccer” for the Yanks.

Beautifully illustrated data and incredibly informative! You can literally see when the action happened. Better yet, the graph is interactive! At the #Euro2012 Visualization Site, you can see the data broken down by country and game. Can you guess when the goals happened?

This is how every geek wishes social data could be displayed. Working with analytics everyday I could only dream that, 1. All my clients could read that graph, 2. It would be easy to assemble such a great display of data.


Is there a future for Pinterest?

Like any new start-up, Pinterest is being pulled in multiple directions. Everyone wants something specific from the platform, from the users who log in to share to the brands that use it to influence. While many claim that the addiction of Pinterest is a habit that is impossible to break, others are saying their explosive growth will soon come to an abrupt halt. Even Pinterest itself needs to think about its future – how it will grow and how it can be sustained. So what does Pinterest have in store for its future?

Brands will tell you that Pinterest has incomparable SEO qualities, and SEO companies will back them up. It’s been recorded that the platform has twice as much purchasing power in your sales funnel than Facebook. That’s a pretty good punch for any retailer, small or large. The implications of Pinterest referrals have been so great that businesses are being built around it. Companies like have built analytics platforms that track “Pinterest Campaigns” and allow you to schedule pins to drive traffic. If it were up to brands, Pinterest will be around for a long time.

However, regular Pinterest users – the majority of whom are women – are the ones who made this photo-sharing platform popular and an industry-driving force before brands bothered to take notice. Pinterest’s rapid growth spurt in January 2012, and the thousands of images that are now being shared daily, are all directly correlated to the addiction of its users. As it turns out, users that joined in 2011 are nearly three times as likely to make purchases online or offline after pinning, and they pin twice as often.

Quickly scan the blogs and you’ll see that users are looking for ways to optimize their time on this addictive, time-sucking network. Others, however, criticize that the crafts and DIY activities never turn out the way they are depicted and its all a sham. Enter the blog Pintology, which rates crafts and products on a series of qualifiers, giving users the inside scoop on which pins are the best. Users are instinctively providing their own solutions to the Pinterest “problems.”

Although it leads the way in photo-sharing websites, Pinterest still has competitors. Without a strong mobile experience, Instagram holds its ground for the on-the-go camera-phone photographers. Niche sites like Wanderfly and Gtrot have sprouted for those specifically looking for photo-based travel solutions, and male-targeted sites like DartItUp and Manterest have muscled their way into the market. These niche sites, despite their small market share, are making waves with users.

Still, Pinterest has their own interest in mind. It is a business, after all, and businesses need to grow and make money. It already has an explosive user base, so it can readily turn its attention to raking in revenues. Pinterest already makes an estimated $9 million a year in affiliate links to products, but it may benefit further by building a purchase solution into its platform. And what about adjusting to users needs? Well, the crafty site could also build a pin rating system to gamify and add value to the users’ pins. Above all, Pinterest needs to work on its mobile experience. The app and mobile bookmarklet falls way short of the web-based platform and seems to discard the mosaic, hyper-discovery of content the browser version – and seriously, is an Instagram doppelganger really a solution? It is Pinterest’s turn to make the next move and only time will tell if it will be a part of our future.


12 Most Important Things For Your July 4th Party

Having a party? I hope you have all these things!

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12 Most Important Things For Your July 4th Party

There are 12 and only 12 things you need to make your July 4th Party the best!

Jul 04, 2012 - - 263
National Panthems

Sure they might be a bit pricey, but these are perfect for any patriot! They'll fit well! Plus there are at least 3 holidays you can wear them for!

Jul 04, 2012 - - 229
Flag Shirt

Your ensemble wouldn't be complete with out a dashing Red, White and Blue stripped shirt!

Jul 04, 2012 - - 213
Rock Music!

No party is a party with music. And for a true July 4th party you better have the theme right! ROCK MUSIC!

Guess Who - American Woman

Jul 04, 2012 - - 229
Flag Themed Beer!

Beer is the staple party drink of America! Get that crisp, flavor-ish beverage and start your day early!

Jul 04, 2012 - - 204
Patriotic Mask!

If your party call for it, get a mask! Masks create great photo opportunities. Plus no one can recognize you and pick on you for wearing that flag shirt!

Jul 04, 2012 - - 227
Star Spangled Jello!

Nothing says America like JELLO! Your party must have food, so start with non-filling, sometimes alcohol infused, jello

Jul 04, 2012 - - 202
4th of July Punch

Class up your party with some much! This great recipe even has fruit, so its healthy. It will be a nice change from the Flag Beer, but just remember. Beer before Liquor...

Jul 04, 2012 - - 274
Hotdog Turtle Burgers

Cowabunga! We love bacon! Nothing is more American that food in the shape of animals and wrapped in BACON!

Jul 04, 2012 - - 268
Cheese Whiz!

After blinding everyone with your pants and all that booze you'll need to make your garnishes easy! American Cheese is best served from a pressurized can!



Jul 04, 2012 - - 246

Yes the bread! You need something to put those little turtle in. Just remember that your buns come in packs of 8, while your hotdogs come in packs of 12. This is America dammit!

Jul 04, 2012 - - 240

Fireworks make the evening GRAND! Just remember to stand a safe distance away...



Jul 04, 2012 - - 240

Of course, these people are important too! Who else is going hang out with you at a party when you're dressed like an uber Abraham Lincoln?

This is not post and has no affiliation with (unless they want it)


Virality: Guy in a Pug Shirt

You may have seen this image on the internet, or see it pop in your social networks soon. Its a guy and he’s wearing a pug shirt.

This is my friend Michael Panza, and yes, that’s really his name and that’s really his shirt.

What happened next was a surprise to all of us. He went VIRAL.

Virality is unpredictable and there is no formula. It ranges from everything like the Double Rainbow, Call Me Maybe, Friday and now, The Guy in a Pug Shirt. The only common denominator is humor, but we can’t all bank on that.

In a matter of 24 hours, The Guy in a Pug Shirt became #1 on Reddit. 4 memes were created, it appeared on a number of websites and lastly it popped up on Pinterest. Why? It was the right place, the right time, the right photo on the right network. People were in the mood for a guy in a funny shirt. That’s all we can really say.

Reddit, Meme 1, Meme 2, Meme 3, Meme 4, Site 1, Pinterest

Michael Panza is an internet sensation and he did on accident. Just Google “Guy in a Pug Shirt

Maximize Strategy Content

Maximize Strategic Content

You must “encourage positive conversations to drive advocacy” with your strategic content. It should “enhance the customer experience by facilitating authentic conversations.” As a marketer your job is to “facilitate audience conversations and drive engagement with social currency” and “maximize buzz by driving word of mouth from relevant influencers.

And how do you do this? Easy! “Identify relevant and compelling hooks for the audience, create content around the hooks and integrate it into their social repertoires.” Then “humanise the brand by driving the audience conversations.” The next step is to “repurpose front-end platforms” and “amplify word of mouth by motivating influencers.

All in all, your content should “maximise the customer experience, driving engagement and bringing the brand alive.

Want to “drive sexy paradigms” like me? All quote from this post are available from:

What The Fuck Is My Social Media Strategy & Dack

Its all to easy to make the internet sound “smart”, take caution with those slinging their crap.


BING! A great social idea.

All site links from this page lead to “” – minor glitch, working to figure it out. To navigate the rest of the site please type in your browser :-)

Bing launched their “new Bing” this morning. It’s intriguing – the promise was a better integration of social into search. It was difficult to imagine, but they’ve come through and in an amazing way! The site starts off introducing you to a new dashboard that has an obvious Facebook information feed on the right.

[Click Images to Expand]

This feed actually updates with your friend’s information based on searches performed it includes, posts, pictures and page likes. A simple search like “restaurant” gleamed great results on the socials side.

It even produced a twitter results for “experts” around my search that you might want to know.

Pages that your friends have also liked or posted on Facebook get a “+1 style”, “thumbs-up” signaling you that these are recommended.

Now for the most amazing part! While performing your search you can simultaneously post to Facebook to ask friend directly, event tag them. Watch:
<a href=';mkt=en-us&#038;src=SLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='Search with friends'>Video: Search with friends</a>

Overall this social and search experience was great and certainly an improvement from old Bing (and Google). Granted this social experience is limited to Facebook social, but it is that largets site and offers much broader reach in social that Google’s G+ integration. I’m still exploring the validity of the search results, but it looks as though may no longer be the homepage standard.

3 Reasons Google Drive Crashed

Update: This post is a bit dated, but my position has not changed much. While Drive is now available on iOS (point #1 below) it still has limitations that Dropbox does not. Google is quickly getting to the point where it final ties everything together (including Google Plus). When it finally does, will be incredibly hard to ignore – even if it does have a few flaws.

I gave Google Drive a fair, one week test period and it has not proven itself! The experience me asking for more – or at the very least matching what already exists. So, it is being dumped and I’m going back to me ex, Dropbox. And its for three simple reasons.

1. No iOS. I used my iPad frequently in business meetings to pull up docs, which I previously stored on Dropbox. Google Drive doesn’t have an iOS app. This is a big issue for all Apply users.

2. Google Docs. They are not actually docs. The files stored in Google Drive that were sold as “your documents” are still just web based Google Documents. You try to click on them or open them natively on your machine with Microstoft Word and you get a bunch of garbage. You have to open them in a browser, which means if you don’t have internet, you can’t use your docs! Secondly, Google Drive takes up a ton of space on your android phone in the internal phone memory because it stores the files you upload to the device.

3. Privacy Policy. This issue came out shortly after Google launched Google Drive. Dropbox explicitly states that everything stored on Dropbox is yours. Google takes their umbrella approach, like they do with your email, and take ownership of everything.

Once again Google has launched a product that is not better than existing services. You would think with all their programming power and integration possibilities they could launch a decent product that would actually be worth gravitating to.

Do we need to take the Googlers back to business school and re-teach them the concept of differentiation in a marketplace?

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