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Prodding the Apple Unveiling

Apple officially announces its new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C today. Meanwhile, Nokia and Samsung take their swings at getting into the conversations. Samsung, just like last year, is promoting its tweet around keywords like “apple” and “iphone” to show up in the stream. Nokia is using the leverage it has with its community and fans to push their message out organically.

These are clever tactics to use in the wake of the major announcement from tech innovator, Apple. Although, the branded tweets likely don’t sway the Apple Fanboys, on-lookers hoping to learn about the new features of the 5S and 5C, who are on the fence, may be swayed. However, simply being in front of this audience might not be enough for Nokia and Samsung. A good call to action or information that compares the phones’ features might be more effective in intercepting and changing consumer purchase decisions. Continue reading “Prodding the Apple Unveiling” »

‘Twerking Fail’ :: Viral Success

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel admitted to being the mastermind behind the “Twerking Fail” video – You know, the one being shared on Facebook where the girl catches on fire? No matter your feelings on how the public was being Twerked around by Kimmel, there is an interesting discussion to be had behind the success of the video.

Twerking-Fire-Fail_ Continue reading “‘Twerking Fail’ :: Viral Success” »

Anatomy of a Meme

The Anatomy of a Good Meme

More than AN image and Text

A growing phenomenon on the web is the Internet meme. Clever plays on words or situational irony of the image and the context. I’ve discussed meme’s before, but now it is time to look at what makes them tick. A good meme often travels through the web with hundreds, maybe thousands, of iterations and interpretations. But what makes this viral content so intriguing?

Typically memes consist of image and text – the classic internet meme – but can also be video, music, and sounds. In this case we’ll discuss the three parts of the classic internet meme; image, text and community.

1. The Image: More often than not the image is a person or animal displaying an obvious emotion; anger, distress, jubilation. Continue reading “The Anatomy of a Good Meme” »


Things You Know, But Aren’t Practicing

You Hear, you agree, now Do!

You go to conferences and you hear people say really smart things. If you look around the audience you will most likely see everyone nodding their heads. Even though we hear people say smart things, and we agree with them, we often don’t put them into practice. So, here are a few things you’ve probably heard, agreed to, but aren’t really practicing on a daily basis…

  • Listening for brand related keywords in the social space: You should know what conversations your brand is the topic of in the social space.
  • Focusing on quality of your followers, not the quantity: Quality over quantity. Actually start treating each existing follower like a millions bucks instead of trying to get more for the sake of having more. Continue reading “Things You Know, But Aren’t Practicing” »

Being Talked About Doesn’t Mean Much…

The below graph has been floating around the internet the past few days and it makes me sad. The graph ranks brand based on People Talking About This (PTAT), which is one of the more frivolous of the “health metrics.” Its easily manipulated through a number of tactics, including Facebook Advertising, and most importantly does not count for much in the world of Engaging Brands. You could spend $10,000 (well within Coke’s Budget) and double, triple, even quadruple your PTAT number. Ultimately, being talked about doesn’t mean much unless the brand is talking back. Continue reading “Being Talked About Doesn’t Mean Much…” »


Before You Tweet, Strategize.

Optimizing content is one of the largest tasks on social media. Everyone is trying to get the farthest reach with their content. Twitter is one of the simplest and easiest to optimize. It has minimal features and is touted as being a pivotal part of information sharing for many industries. As marketers we often find infographics that describe tactics to take that get your tweets retweeted. I take issue with these graphics for two reason. 1. They ignore your following and are generalized for all tweeters, no matter the amount of followers or industry. 2. They ignore the content itself – the actually composition of your tweets. So before you tweet or optimize your tweets for retweets, strategize. Continue reading “Before You Tweet, Strategize.” »


Pinterest Tactics That Work…

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with spanish wine enthusiast and gardening pinner, Mary Ann Rounseville, to talk about getting the most out of Pinterest. Mary Ann is passionate about communities and brought together passionate pinners on Pinterest. However, passion is only the start to a successful presence on Pinterest and during our conversation, Mary Ann talked about a few tactics that make the difference between being on Pinterest and being successful on Pinterest. Here are three tactics for more success on Pinterest.

1. Get Specific

When Pinterest first became popular many people were jumping in and creating boards like “vision” and “recipes,” but for content providers that’s just not good enough. Continue reading “Pinterest Tactics That Work…” »

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