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5 Reasons Brands Should Follow Back

Consumers in the new economy have a high sense of entitlement — always wanting this and that — but brands can be just as guilty. Brands yearn for followers, and many of the tactics they use on social media involve some kind of requirement to “like” or “follow” a certain number of people on their profiles. It’s the universal social currency that gives brands permission to market to their audience. But what they often forget is that people want followers, too! While brands spend all their time trying to grow their number of followers, they rarely follow these people back!

Are brands too good to follow back, or do they just not care? Continue reading “5 Reasons Brands Should Follow Back” »


Prodding the Apple Unveiling

Apple officially announces its new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C today. Meanwhile, Nokia and Samsung take their swings at getting into the conversations. Samsung, just like last year, is promoting its tweet around keywords like “apple” and “iphone” to show up in the stream. Nokia is using the leverage it has with its community and fans to push their message out organically.

These are clever tactics to use in the wake of the major announcement from tech innovator, Apple. Although, the branded tweets likely don’t sway the Apple Fanboys, on-lookers hoping to learn about the new features of the 5S and 5C, who are on the fence, may be swayed. However, simply being in front of this audience might not be enough for Nokia and Samsung. A good call to action or information that compares the phones’ features might be more effective in intercepting and changing consumer purchase decisions. Continue reading “Prodding the Apple Unveiling” »


Before You Tweet, Strategize.

Optimizing content is one of the largest tasks on social media. Everyone is trying to get the farthest reach with their content. Twitter is one of the simplest and easiest to optimize. It has minimal features and is touted as being a pivotal part of information sharing for many industries. As marketers we often find infographics that describe tactics to take that get your tweets retweeted. I take issue with these graphics for two reason. 1. They ignore your following and are generalized for all tweeters, no matter the amount of followers or industry. 2. They ignore the content itself – the actually composition of your tweets. So before you tweet or optimize your tweets for retweets, strategize. Continue reading “Before You Tweet, Strategize.” »


Your Twitter Analytics are Broken!

Earlier this week Twitter released their analytics platform to the public. It’s a nifty tool, that allows you to see your 30 day follower gain and loss. It shows your last 500 tweets with stats like link clicks, faves, retweets, and replies. If you’re really jonsin’ for some info it will even show you the demographics and interests of your followers.

Click to Enlarge

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Aside from the analytics being behind many third party options (even free ones), the analytic might actually be broken. The most important information about your content, besides the resonance (number of retweets per tweet per 1,000 followers) is how many people actually clicked on your links! This is the number one action that we as brands, marketers and “internet celebrities” want our followers to take. Its shows that we can drive action and spread information. So, I compared the Twitter Analytics to my Buffer App report and there is a big disparity!

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Although many of my “Top Tweets” from Buffer were also under the “Best” category in my Twitter Analytics, some were not. Such as my tweet to Dabney Porte on Naomi Simson‘s LinkedIn post.

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Secondly, none of the clicks tracked by Buffer App through were tracked by Twitter. At first I thought this was a case of a intercepting the click data, but even with links that come from Instagram, and others that weren’t put through show 0 clicks.

The bigger issue is that when you click “Download CSV” the only information you get is the Tweet ID, Date/Time, Message, Faves, RTs and Replies. It doesn’t include your follower data or your click data.  Twitter has a long way to go with its analytics before they have a platform that can give you deeper insights into optimizing your twitter activity. Where is the RT/original tweet ratio, conversation/push ratio, reach/impressions, even a most used word cloud would be nice – especially for the “Best” category.

CompfortablySmug Apology

ComfortablySmug Apologizes for Misinformation

During Hurricane Sandy, @ComfortablySmug sent out a series of tweets, which received many retweets, that were entirely misinformation. He made claims about the status of power, flooding and other public services. He blatantly abused the anonymity the internet provided. As reported by, this man also sits on the congressional Campaign for Christopher Wright as a consultant as reported by Buzzfeed contributor Jack Stuef.

What @comfortablysmug didn’t count on, apparently, was losing that anonymity. Based on photos he censored and posted to the account but I found unedited elsewhere, @comfortablysmug is Shashank Tripathi, a hedge fund analyst and the campaign manager of Christopher R. Wight, this year’s Republican candidate for the U.S. House from New York’s 12th Congressional District… He’s listed here by a local Republican group coordinating volunteers for a Romney phone bank. He’s 29 years old.

At 7:24 PM on October 30th, he sent out an official apology. He has also resigned from the congressional campaign of Christopher Wright.

Delivering Message

3 Rules for Delivering Your Passion

Everyone has a passion and often times we want to share this passion with others. Your message is important to you, but when you are delivering your message to others, you must consider where you deliver it, to whom you deliver it to, and how you deliver it. I was on the subway platform this week and I witnessed a woman going about this all wrong.

This woman was standing at the top of the stairs on the subway platform, and as everyone walked by she spoke, in the sweetest tone you could imagine, “Follow Jesus and you will go to heaven.” A valid message, but poorly executed. Most people ignored her. The few that did look her way often looked away as soon as they made eye contact. The worst execution of this message was that she even said it to a group of Hasidic Jew teens.

I stood and I watched as dozens of people came up the stairs to wait for trains and exited trains to go down the stairway and she continue to repeat the message to everyone. She didn’t seem to be connecting with anyone. So how could she have done it better?

Here are three ways:

1. Start with a Conversation
The end goal of her mission is to get people to believe her message, but she skips over all the reasoning. Brands spend a lot of time crafting the perfect message to push into the marketplace, but it is often not received. Today’s technology can leverage your message to start a conversation, which can be continue somewhere else with the people who want to talk with you. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your reasoning, values, goals and garner buy-in from your audience. With social media, even if you only convert a few people, with this method you will have people who have converted because they believe in your message. These people are more also likely to share it and, over time, this will build.

2. Know your Audience
Make sure you are starting a conversation with the right people. Pushing your message on people who are to devoted something else, only positions you for a debate. Converting people who have already bought into your competitors is the most difficult path. It is much easier to converse with people on the fence, answer their questions and help them make a decision. Almost every social media platform can assist with this task.

3. Know your Environment
This woman stood at a bottle neck of the subway traffic during high density travel times. Much like brand XYZ jumping on a social platform and expecting everyone to listen to what it says. It is disruptive, but irrelevant to the audience. Your message must be delivered in a place where people are willing to listen or prepared to listen. Just because you’ve identified a place with high traffic, doesn’t mean that it is the right place for your message. A better qualifier for the placement of your message should be reception, not traffic.

Of course, these rules only apple when you know your values, have goals, and are ready to converse with your audience. Gone are the days of pushing your message on to people. Your marketing is now a conversation, with informed people looking for more answers.

Applebees Tweet

Applebee’s Successfully Uses Sarcasm

The big name restaurant chain gets the last laugh after comedian Rob Delaney tweets about his experience in one of their establishments.

The tweet stirred up a flurry of feedback, everything from praise to jealousy. Studies show that the top two reasons user follow a brand online is for either coupons/giveaways and exclusive content. However, this customer service offer was just a joke. Applebee’s successfully used sarcasm on the internet and only upset a few people.

Picture 5

A Geek’s Wet Dream For Data

If the image above doesn’t excite you – or at the very least, greatly intrigue you – you can’t call yourself a geek. What you see above is the volume of tweets containing “#Euro2012″ by country during the Euro 2012 Football Tournament – That’s “soccer” for the Yanks.

Beautifully illustrated data and incredibly informative! You can literally see when the action happened. Better yet, the graph is interactive! At the #Euro2012 Visualization Site, you can see the data broken down by country and game. Can you guess when the goals happened?

This is how every geek wishes social data could be displayed. Working with analytics everyday I could only dream that, 1. All my clients could read that graph, 2. It would be easy to assemble such a great display of data.


Bullshit Social Media Tactics

Some of these are getting ridiculously out of hand. Vote for your favorite (most hated) and feel free to add your own!

Headline for Bullshit Social Media Tactics
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Bullshit Social Media Tactics

Some people just don't seem to get it, so lets collect all the reason they are doing it wrong on social media.


Buying followers or fans.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Buying followers or fans.

By now you've realized that all those fan/followers are mostly fake account with zero real people behind them. But congrats! You have a big number. Its like starting your ruler at 6 inches. Fake and useless.


DM offers after following.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | DM offers after following.

I've only ever seen this done right ONCE! @Bonobos gives you a nice coupon as a Thank You for following them. Every other time I've seen this tried I have to give up an email address or sign up for something to redeem it. #Fail.


Direct Message to join you on Facebook.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Direct Message to join you on Facebook.

I just followed you one twitter, why are you sending people to your Facebook? If you don't want to engage on Twitter, get off! Send me some conversation before you send me somewhere else.


That little ' before you name on Facebook.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | That little ' before you name on Facebook.

Oh you want to be first on the list on my Facebook and my phone? Well I tell you what, the people with the little ' before their name so they avoid being alphabetized are instantly put on the "Douchebag List". It makes it really easy to categorize you in my head and ignore. Thanks!


Flash website and autoplay music on a website.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Flash website and autoplay music on a website.

This isn't really a tactic, but if you're still using flash in a mobile world, you're alienating a ton of people. That autoplay music that has a the smallest stop button in world hidden in one of the corners of your website also needs to stop!


Irrelevant self promotion on Twitter chats.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Irrelevant self promotion on Twitter chats.

Hey! We're talking about the conversion rates of Pinterest vs Facebook! Why do you keep tweeting the same thing about visiting your ice cream recipe blog? Stick to the conversation, putz!


"Like" and see what happens pics on Facebook.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | "Like" and see what happens pics on Facebook.

Really? You have to trick people to get engagement? If you're having trouble engaging people maybe you should evaluate the crap you put out before resorting to finding out how many of your followers are fools. I won't condone it, but try posting a Cat Photo with your message on it. That seem to be popular.


Sensational, unrelated blog post title.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Sensational, unrelated blog post title.

There is NO reason to trick people into reading your content. If your topic is interesting, people will read it. You don't need to put "Obama eats Babies" to make a good political blog post. Let's be genuine people.


Corrections to your blog post at the bottom.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Corrections to your blog post at the bottom.

The posts are stacked by the most recent, shouldn't the most recent information do the same? If you made a mistake, own it and correct yourself. Don't let someone read the whole article just to find out half the information you wrote initially was false, Schmuck.


Controversial business decision announcements.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Controversial business decision announcements.

If you haven't heard of the Lowe's Racist Fiasco (, then you should do some reading. Some information, just doesn't need to be on Social Media. Write a memo or a press release.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Analysis Tool

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Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Tutor SEO Checklist Tool |

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Bullshit Social Media Tactics |

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it may rain more this time

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | it may rain more this time

दिल्ली में मानसून की गाड़ी भले ही देर से पहुंची हो, लेकिन बरसात झमाझम होगी। मौसम विभाग के विशेषज्ञों का कहना है कि अब मानसून सक्रिय हो गया है और ऐसे आसार हैं कि राजधानी और आसपास के इलाकों में अच्छी बरसात होगी। राजधानी का मानसून सीजन 1 जून से 30 सितंबर तक होता है। दिल्ली में 1 जून से 3 जुलाई के बीच 50.1 मिलीमीटर बारिश हुई है जबकि 1 जुलाई से 3 जुलाई के बीच 4 मिमी बारिश हुई है। मौसम विभाग के अनुसार 1 जून से 30 सितंबर तक दक्षिणी पश्चिमी मानसून सक्रिय रहता है।


#ArcticReady a Frigid Fail

Or was it? Sure, in a few months this will be water under the bridge. Grimey, oil ridden, polluted water. Greenpeace covertly attacked Shell Oil Company in a faux campaign under the guise of the real Shell campaign “Let’s Go”.

The #articready campaign used a “heartstrings” effort to engage social media communities, by allowing users to create their own “Let’s Go” advertisement. They’ve supplied the images, you create the message. Let’s give the children matches! – Said No Mother EVER… but in the eyes of Greenpeace it was an perfect storm! As you can imagine the meme generator kicked off with images of sarcastic “drill the world” ads.

Greenpeace also created a Twitter account, @ShellIsPrepared, to engage users who were using the hashtag. At first it started with a seemingly honest effort (For Shell) to clean up the mess by hopelessly asking users to stop retweeting. This only made it worse. Everything was topped off with an empty legal threat, which excited the most backlash towards Shell.

Shell didn’t really mess up their social media presence, Greenpeace hijacked them. In the lst 24 hours, 1,500 tweets were generated 2,147,006 impressions, reaching an audience of 1,369,121 followers (via Great for Greenpeace, awful for Shell and a fair warning to ANYONE who is subject to public scrutiny. How easy would it be for someone to hijack your brand, your personal brand or just your likeness? This poses an interesting question on the legality, let alone ethics, of social media slander.

And what about all those people who made the meme’s thinking they were cleverly making fun of Shell. They were had by Greenpeace too. How would you feel being made out as a fool?

Below are just a flavor of the ads being generated by users through Shell’s “Ad Generator” More can be seen at this gallery, and on Twitter just search #articready.


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