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Even a cheese omelet can be an epic journey if it’s done right. Lurpak took emotional marketing to heart (pun intended). How else can you make butter sexy?

When considering marketing a product, you are sometimes faced with seemingly boring challenge. It’s butter, so what? We need to make this butter stand apart from all other butters, better or not. That’s where the story telling comes in… How it’s made, how it used and the variety of ways it can portrayed in it’s use. Using a fairly simple matrix you can take a “boring” product like butter and mash it into a series of interesting situationz and characters to make it sexy.

The truth is, cooking with butter is a sexy activity – the Food Network would be in a rut otherwise! The genius behind this Lurpek video is that it hits the Lord-of-the-Rings-epic-warrior-battle-preparation in every man. Just listen to the music. Sometimes making a meal after work does feel like a battle! This is a highly targeted ad, that plays to the emotions and interests of the targeted audience and when played at the right time of day, will create action.

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