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There was a lot of chatter on twitter while the Superbowl was going down. Not just the “Touchdown!” tweets from ridiculous fans but, to my surprise, on how good the ads were!

Budlight Autotune
@jbruin bud light autotune had potential but didn’t delive
@hardaway I think you had to have the T-Pain iPhone app to find that ad funny. #sb44
@rizzotees T-Pain Bud Light ad best so far

Monster.com Beaver Violinist
@merlinward It would have been better if the beaver was a pianist… #44ads #muwpinion

GoDaddy Spa
@bcuban Go Daddy forgot that was only funny once…. #44ads

I’ll admit I’m the marketing nerd who didn’t even watch the game. I was more interested in spending time with my girlfriend and friends. What I was really watching were the ads. I was rating how effectively they were designed. Our Wine Library TV host put it pretty well…

@garyvee My thoughts on Super Bowl commercials http://bit.ly/doLSK5 #brandbowl watch this and pass on

I agree with Gary, the ads could have been done better and captured more community. There ALWAYS needs to be a Call To Action! However, in my opinion, the intent behind the popular Superbowl ad was never really to push product. They began as entertainment during the DOT COM era. It was about who could put together the most entertaining and humorous advertisement and spend a butt-ton of $money$ doing it! But the game is changing! With social media so wide spread and based just off the sheer number of #superbowl and #44ads tweets, companies have to start paying more attention to driving community to explore their wares (while entertaining them of course). I will hand it to Doritos and Dockers, they did it right.

As soon as Dockers commercial came on for FREE PANTS I went to their website, which crashed. I can only assume from the volume of people going to the page at the exact same time. Doritos of course was holding a contest for best commercial design and there was a lot of postings on the interwebs to see all the entries and  vote.

Consider the changes! Technology is allowing for things change very fast. A new trend may occur, explode into maturity and its going to start costing you money not to be on the ball.

PS: Link to the rest of the Superbowl videos.