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This morning many of you have seen the above video. If not, you will likely see it pop up in one of your streams as it is officially going viral. It is perfectly crafted to do so as it has all the elements of a viral video; emotional driver, relevant, low barrier to share, a community, plus bonus kid cuteness.

I posted this video on Facebook to see what people thought. Based on the comments received, it hit home for many people.

The video obviously had a huge emotional pull for parents and entrepreneurs. It was timely as many people are receiving Christmas cards this week. It’s funny, and perfectly executed. There are some who did not like being tricked into watching an advertisement – I’m one of them. However, putting my jealously aside as a marketer, this video added a lot entertainment value to the social networks this morning. I love the creativity!

This video already earning local news coverage as well. If this family continues to create wonderful pieces like this, we may have a great new venture in the Salty Content community!

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