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The content matrix below describes a 27 types of content that you can create that fit conveniently into 4 categories; Entertainment, Inspiration, Education, and Convincing. Whether your brand is B2B or B2C, you can create a variety of content that ignites action in your consumers. These content ideas connect with your consumers in either emotional or rational ways to build awareness and drive purchases.

The content marketing matrix

by first10.
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You can stop reading now, if you believe that story. They say content is king, and some say relationships are queen. If that is, in fact, the case, then context is divine. You can pump out content until your creative-juice-well runs dry and build relationships 24/7, but you can’t do either of these successfully without context. The content matrix assumes a two-dimensional consumer. It assumes that people are rational sometimes and emotional another. But this matrix is really a cube, and the third dimension is context.

Your content tells your brand’s story, but a brand story goes deeper than just why you are in business or the latest special you are running. This story is based on the people who love your products. When your story has context that is derived from customers and your story supports their values and ideas, then and only then is your content truly connecting. People are inundated with messaging daily. They are not listening. Instead, they are ignoring anything that doesn’t fit their mindset. But if your brand story resembles something that they already believe and your content supports that story, the above matrix works!

Some of your customers are rational, but even the most rational people don’t make purchase decisions because of the facts. If we did, then we would live in homes the perfect size for our families, drive sensible vehicles and never pay more than $0.99 for a cup of coffee. People instead buy products and services because of how the buying experience or how using the product makes them feel. We’re emotional people! Educational content and factoid work best when they support the mindset of the person and connect with them emotionally instead of dumping numbers on them. You wouldn’t be able to sell a hotdog by telling people what’s inside of it – that’s just gross! But tell the story that the hotdog is 100% made in America, with 100% American meats (facts), and that most Americans eat hotdogs on July 4th for their ultimate American BBQ, and you can sway patriots to make a purchase.

The emotional half of this matrix is probably the easiest for which to create content. The more emotional your content the more it will be shared. This is especially true when the viewers feel strongly for or against the story. Give up on trying to tell a story that everyone will agree with and like. It is unlikely you’ll be able to find context that drives a strong enough emotion AND connects with everyone. You have a better chance of success at telling the story that connects to a selective group and gets them to share and build awareness. When they share, they begin creating content that inspires, driving more and more purchase intent.

While this matrix is a wonderful model for brand content, it becomes the even more powerful “Customer Content Matrix” when you add the third dimension of the story. The story that comes from your customers’ values and beliefs. Find your strongest customers, learn what values and ideas your product is connecting with in their lives and get your brand to tell the right story!

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