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Mobile is big this year for business! By that I mean, if you’re not embracing your customers through mobile means, you’re missing a big opportunity. There has been a lot of chatter about mobile – What is mobile marketing? How can I do mobile marketing?

Thirty percent of [consumers] used their phones to compare product details, look up prices, or find store locations. In 2009, only 11% of consumers surveyed said they used their phones to do this kind of research…

-Why Mobile Shopping Could Be As Big As Online Shopping

300% increase in one year!! If it doubles in the second year, as most trends do in the early stages, we’ll see 60% of user will be researching products through their mobile device. The big kicker is that 20% of those who researched also bought items via mobile means.

As a business you have a big, nay, HUGE opportunity to touch consumers on their mobile devices. Why is it so huge? Because consumers are spending more and more time on our phones; apps, txting, email, etc. A business can interact with consumers through mobile social media apps, mobile websites, text messaging and email campaigns.

Start thinking about where you can start touching your consumer on the go… This won’t be the last you hear/see/read me on this topic!