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I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with spanish wine enthusiast and gardening pinner, Mary Ann Rounseville, to talk about getting the most out of Pinterest. Mary Ann is passionate about communities and brought together passionate pinners on Pinterest. However, passion is only the start to a successful presence on Pinterest and during our conversation, Mary Ann talked about a few tactics that make the difference between being on Pinterest and being successful on Pinterest. Here are three tactics for more success on Pinterest.

1. Get Specific

When Pinterest first became popular many people were jumping in and creating boards like “vision” and “recipes,” but for content providers that’s just not good enough. As a brand you are providing content that other people with specific interests should want to collect . Choosing specific pinpoints (pun intended) with one on-going theme attracts a specific pinner and gives them reason to follow the board and repin the content. “Recipes” is too general as vegetarians, pastry chefs and meat lovers may not all like what you are serving. The board  can be broken down into a number of different boards, like “Healthy Eats,”, ”Sweet Treats,” and “Good Meats.”


2. Choose Beautiful Imagery

Pinterest is “picture hoarding” – I call it the “want network” where people collect what they want, rather than what they have – and because the behavior is about collecting, you have to choose content that is worth keeping. Mary Ann is highly selective in choosing imagery that she pins and takes time to find content that is truly beautiful. There are a number of swaying opinions on what images are the best, but if your into specific product pins there is one research study that found the optimal image to pin. Take time to find really appealing content!


3. Build a Community

Mary Ann believes in community and has brought together over 200 pinners for one of her boards. Together they have pinned over 24,000 pins and attracted over 20,000 followers. A community board requires moderation and establishing a few rules, but it creates leverage you would not have pinning on your own. There are millions of Pinterest users, many with their own unique and specific interests. Seek out the ones that align with your content and strategically invite them to join your community.


There are over 250 brands on Pinterest, and many are doing at least one of these tactics. As with all other social networks, building a strategy for Pinterest begins with understanding the network and how your audience (or target audience) behaves and is interested in. The most successful of these brands that are loosely tied to their products and services, but add great value to the pinners.

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