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Porsche launched a new website teasing about their new vehicle the “Macan.” Toted proudly under the intro video is the Pinterest icon. How exciting! A major company like Porsche that produces visually stimulated vehicles has embraced the newest of the photo social media phenomenon!

Alas, they have left you with a facepalm moment. They have a total of two boards! Which means they’ve taken the time to delete the default 5 and create two of their own. But they never filled in the boards! Even more appalling is the board about their new Macan only has 2 photos! This company should have thousands of photos, and hundreds of videos pinned. If not pinned from their existing sites, at least directly uploaded to the network. This is an epic social media fail by Porsche.

LESSON: If you’re going to link people to one of your networks, you better be sure that its primed and ready for action.