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Apple officially announces its new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C today. Meanwhile, Nokia and Samsung take their swings at getting into the conversations. Samsung, just like last year, is promoting its tweet around keywords like “apple” and “iphone” to show up in the stream. Nokia is using the leverage it has with its community and fans to push their message out organically.

These are clever tactics to use in the wake of the major announcement from tech innovator, Apple. Although, the branded tweets likely don’t sway the Apple Fanboys, on-lookers hoping to learn about the new features of the 5S and 5C, who are on the fence, may be swayed. However, simply being in front of this audience might not be enough for Nokia and Samsung. A good call to action or information that compares the phones’ features might be more effective in intercepting and changing consumer purchase decisions.




Denny’s joins the fun (hat tip Gary Nix):


Motorola, too:


And WindowsPhone jumps in:



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