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I was browsing a few newly posted pictures of a girlfriend’s on Facebook today and something caught my eye.

My first thought is “HAHAHAH! Twat!” reminds me of the good ol’ joke, “Whats is the past tense of tweet?” HILARIOUS!! Then I remembered most Facebook ads are targeted. Is Facebook calling my friend a twat? How dare they!?! (Maybe not the best ad placement Facebook). I am aware the urban definition of twat isn’t known by everyone but given the young age of most Facebook employees I thought they would have caught this one. I decided it was worth a click. TWEETS for TWATS is a website by Andrew Long (@LongCreative) who posts web comics of “stupid stuff” using people’s twitter images. I also discovered a few of my friends are in fact fans! Although the comics themselves left less than a smile on my face the URL is golden.

Thank you Facebook and Andrew Long for today’s laugh…