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If you are in marketing, its likely you have a lot data floating around you on your clients or on the channel your work with. You may be inclined to create a nifty infographic your data to show the rest of the world you are smart. The problem is, if you do not make your data look smart, you do not look smart. Take the below chunk from a larger infographic.

Infographic Bad Data

Although, I believe the percentages are correct in representing the data, the graphics on this infoGRAPHIC are contradictory  It’s not clear on the donuts if the light blue represents women, or the dark blue represent men. Secondly the percentages on either side sometimes contradict the colors in the donuts on the similar side. Bottom line, this is a poorly constructed infographic, and I wish it was the only one. There are a lot of bad representations of data.

But there are way to fix this. First, make sure who ever you charge with creating the graphics for your infographic understands the basics data presentations. One poorly labeled axis or bad margin and you may skew the data set or mess up the entire image. Check out this page with 42 ways to represented two sets of data points – there are a few nice representations in there. The majority of your data should be made up of comparisons or you risk making infographic that is too complicated to read. Then there is Infogr.am a really cool tool with a nice user interface for creating very slick infographics. Enjoy!