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Watch this:

Here’s the formula…
Viral Video = Funny Video + People Watching + People Sharing
It’s that easy!

The truth is, there is no “formula” for making a video viral – even with satire, name drops and fart jokes. The matter of the fact is the most volatile variable in viral-ability (viral-ity?) is viewers (YES! ‘V’ alliteration! #ftw). What’s hot, who’s watching, when they watch are all difficult to predict! Notice the one thing not listed is content - that’s because everything from blenders, soda and kittens can be viral. As a business it can be incredibly difficult to get a viral video out to the masses let alone a captured audience. However, there is one thing all viral videos have in common = comedy. Even the Social Media Revolution video had comedy!

Also, here is a viral video phenomenon to consider. Remember the video that showed a scene of a car driving in the distance and you leaned in to watch it then a scary face jump out? That was a viral video, but the one thing that actually outdid the that video were the reaction videos to that video. There were more views of people being recorded watching that video than views of the video itself. What does that mean for your business? Sometimes viral is the response to viral. Consider what viral video you can swing with relevance to your business!