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Optimizing content is one of the largest tasks on social media. Everyone is trying to get the farthest reach with their content. Twitter is one of the simplest and easiest to optimize. It has minimal features and is touted as being a pivotal part of information sharing for many industries. As marketers we often find infographics that describe tactics to take that get your tweets retweeted. I take issue with these graphics for two reason. 1. They ignore your following and are generalized for all tweeters, no matter the amount of followers or industry. 2. They ignore the content itself – the actually composition of your tweets. So before you tweet or optimize your tweets for retweets, strategize.

In order for content to be digested, retweeted or favorited, it must be interesting to your followers. Twitter has recently launched Twitter Analytics (part of their ads platform), which give you great insights into the interests of yours audience and their demographics. Use these metrics to find content that has a higher propensity to be interesting to your following, but also fulfills your business goals on Twitter. With twitter analytics you can also analyze your past 500 tweets. Check out the “best” tweets and see which tweets have resonated with your following thus far. Your audience may not even be the type to retweet, they may be the type to favorite more often. You may also discover a trend in your content that you didn’t realize before. Once you have figured out the content, then you can move on to optimizing for retweets.

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