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Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel admitted to being the mastermind behind the “Twerking Fail” video – You know, the one being shared on Facebook where the girl catches on fire? No matter your feelings on how the public was being Twerked around by Kimmel, there is an interesting discussion to be had behind the success of the video.

Twerking-Fire-Fail_The video went viral! It was recorded months before the VMA’s and uploaded to YouTube and not shared by any celebrities or sent to the media. It was simply placed online to be discovered. So this begs the question, “Has Jimmy Kimmel cracked the formula for viral video?”

Yes, kind of, sorta. He knows what makes a good video and has all the parts of the formula: humor, capitalizes on trends, and a community of people sharing. However, I still question the business purpose of this video. While TV hosts and comedians Daniel Tosh and Joel McHale have built their shows around viral videos and consumer generated content (CGC), they themselves do not necessarily profit from having a created a viral video. Kimmel does not either (except for perhaps the ad revenue on the video with 9 million views).

Kimmel is in the business of entertaining, and that he has done! But he also did it incognito and only revealed his brand after the video went viral. Now you can ask the questions, “Does this hurt or help his brand?” 

Sources: Huffington Post – Jimmy Kimmel Admits ‘Twerking FAIL’ Video Was Hoax Set Up By His Show 

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