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2012 ChecklistIt’s a new year and restart of the seasons, but that doesn’t mean you have to use the old plan from last year! Start fresh! There is poorly charted territory for the taking and tools you can put into your marketing mix!

When considering what to do this year with your marketing, first separate your todos into two lists: must do and explore.

Must Do’s:

1. Refine your Social Media strategy!
Enough dabbling and diddling around on the good ol’ social media (can we call it old, yet? YES). You’ve played long enough, now hunker down and figure out what you want to accomplish. What is all the time spent and the wages paid going towards? Begin by choosing which strategy you to implement on each of your social media channels. Perhaps this year is your year to begin building your community?

2. Mobile encode your website
If you’re a blogger or a Fortune 500 company, its time you get with it times. This is 2012! Ideally you want to build your site from the ground up and focus on the core needs of mobile consumers, but that can start to get expensive in the development space. The essentials would include, tablet and phone versions, clear calls to action for mobile users and for eCommerce a mobile shopping cart. Read More from Inc.com!

3. Invest in CRM and Social Media Metrics
A database is just a bunch of names, addresses and emails, but a segmented database with social information and tertiary data such as interest, hobbies, birthdays and income is the spring board for a laser focused, heat seeking marketing missile. Start small and break down your database into 3-4 segments. Take a look at buying patterns, average ticket quantity and social engagement. Somewhere in that pile you will find a formula for your perfect consumer and the average amount of engagement they have with you. This sets the stage for better relationships, clearer communication and in the end, more sales.


1. Try a New Social Media Platform
If you’re not on the all of big three (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) then try one more. If you’ve already eliminated the ones you don’t need then jump into a new platform. In 2011 a few interesting players joined the space and there are a couple still gaining ground: Pinterest, Google+, Empire Avenue, Tumblr and Foursquare.

2. Build a Mobile App
You can’t go wrong with putting more mobile in your marketing mix. Smartphones users are still rising and more and more tablets are hitting the market. Your only question will be: What do I want my app to do? A few major brands put together apps. You can do better!

3. Use QR Codes
The little buggers are still gaining traction, too! They are incredibly versatile and integrate into any marketing mix. Just make sure you do your homework.

Hope you enjoy your New Year and stay tuned for new marketing opportunities!