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Update: This post is a bit dated, but my position has not changed much. While Drive is now available on iOS (point #1 below) it still has limitations that Dropbox does not. Google is quickly getting to the point where it final ties everything together (including Google Plus). When it finally does, will be incredibly hard to ignore – even if it does have a few flaws.

I gave Google Drive a fair, one week test period and it has not proven itself! The experience me asking for more – or at the very least matching what already exists. So, it is being dumped and I’m going back to me ex, Dropbox. And its for three simple reasons.

1. No iOS. I used my iPad frequently in business meetings to pull up docs, which I previously stored on Dropbox. Google Drive doesn’t have an iOS app. This is a big issue for all Apply users.

2. Google Docs. They are not actually docs. The files stored in Google Drive that were sold as “your documents” are still just web based Google Documents. You try to click on them or open them natively on your machine with Microstoft Word and you get a bunch of garbage. You have to open them in a browser, which means if you don’t have internet, you can’t use your docs! Secondly, Google Drive takes up a ton of space on your android phone in the internal phone memory because it stores the files you upload to the device.

3. Privacy Policy. This issue came out shortly after Google launched Google Drive. Dropbox explicitly states that everything stored on Dropbox is yours. Google takes their umbrella approach, like they do with your email, and take ownership of everything.

Once again Google has launched a product that is not better than existing services. You would think with all their programming power and integration possibilities they could launch a decent product that would actually be worth gravitating to.

Do we need to take the Googlers back to business school and re-teach them the concept of differentiation in a marketplace?

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