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Yesterday was the 4th Annual Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference. The event is 11 hours of networking and sharing entrepreneurial knowledge with some of the best minds in the country. It is the longest day of the year for me as I get up at 5am and work the event until the cocktail hour. Needless to say it drains me dead tired by the end of the day. When I went to sleeep I expereinced the strangest dream I’ve ever had….

“I was working in an office building, about 3 floors or so high. I was in my office with my attractive assistant – of course – and on the other side of street was another building. In the office straight across from me is Gary Vaynerchuk and what I assume to be the Wine Library Crew. The best part? @garyvee and Crew and Me and the assistant thought it was hilarious to act out Broadway showtunes and dance around in the office at one another. We couldn’t hear each other, just dance and sing with smiling faces. It was kind of like that scene in Keeping the Faith when Jenna Elfman’s character can see the office across the street and Ben Stiller gets her attention, but without the crazy love plot. Anyhow, the really strange part? In my dream when I decide that its time to get back to work, Gary Vaynerchuk got very disappointed and wanted to keep going. Then I wake up.”

I’m not sure why this dream happened, but it was definitely entertaining. It may be that it’s connected to the conference. I met Gary the first time at the 3rd Annual Conference where he spoke as a keynote on Social Media. This dream may not seem too odd to some people, since I’m constantly link to the latest episode of Wine Library TV,  but for me it was kinda of weird. Maybe Gary V. has the answer?

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And in the spirit of the moment: QotD – What is your strangest dream with a celebrity? Comment!