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The USFitties in partnership with Money Supermarket, started the ‘Get Fit, Feel Epic’ contest for a chance to win both the Fitbit Zip and Fitbit Aria, worth £150 ($240). All I had to do is write about what I do to get fit and feel epic.

Now I’m not a huge health nut. In fact I do my fair share of beer drinking and carb consumption. After moving to NYC I was more active due to all the walking so maintain a weight was difficult. But I believe this is most possible due to some habits I built early in life. It’s not about what I should be eating – because let’s face it, we always have a vice – but more about declaring what I would absolutely NOT eat or drink. So here it goes, what I do to get fit and feel epic.

1. NEVER drink soda
I haven’t drank soda for over 5 years (*with one exception). You boil down soda and all you have is a sticky, overly sweet mess of sugar. Considering your body absorbs water quickly (like boiling water out of a soda) and you’re left with the same sticky mess floating around in your body. It tends to stick to all the parts you don’t want getting larger. I found that my true attraction to soda was the bubbles. So I drink soda water to get the fix. *The exception: I have been known to have a rum and coke every now and then. The only time I drink soda is in small quantities with alcohol.

2. NEVER eat fast food.
I haven’t eaten food from McDonald’s in over 8 years. I’ve limited myself to one trip to Arby’s a year, which I actually haven’t done since I moved to NYC, and it was only for a roast beef sandwich. Jack In The Box hasn’t seen my face in a long time and Taco Bell gives me loose bowels just thinking about it. Quite honestly, after every trip to the Box I’ve felt awful afterwards. Literally sick. All the aforementioned food, and anything like it, is awful, and after so many years of not eating it, I don’t desire it and it actually makes me ill if I eat it. This habit has stemmed to avoiding processed and low quality foods in general, including chocolate syrups, especially processed cheeses and white breads.

3. Stay Active
This goes without saying. Diet & Exercise, Diet & Exercise, Diet & Exercise. Diet being “what you eat (or don’t eat) on a regular basis” not “eat healthy for a short while”. Exercise being any form of activity! I walk a lot living in a big city. I also stretch at home and make a valiant effort to do 80 – 100 pushups a day. Sometime fast to get the heart rate up, sometimes slow to feel the burn. This of course is only to maintain a weight, not necessarily lose extra pounds!

There you have it. 3 simple steps to Get Fit and Feel Epic!