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Its true, I lied a little. Just a little. Remember when I said I wouldn’t visit Tablet Town again for a while? Well, after getting some feedback from friends I didn’t ask at first, I splurged and exchanged the disappointing Galaxy Tablet for the iPad2. I’m almost sadly embarrassed to say: I love it! I can almost envision me with all apple products and trading in my Android phone for an iPhone. But I won’t (maybe… yet).

This means I’m now officially a closet Andoird Lover. Yes, my allegiance still lies with Google and I’ll defend them until their purchase of Motorola pays off and we have dedicated hardware for the Android OS running everything Google has to offer plus the social overlay of G+. That is the dream I’m still hoping for. Afterall, all my information still lies in Google’s cloud; email, calendar, documents and some music.

Although the iPad2 is incredible, I will stand by my statement that it’s not a perfect fit. There are a few things I wish it could do better…

1. Email: This was the biggest ordeal. I had the official gmail app, which organized my mail the right way. But the badge notifications kept showing my 27,000+ unread emails that I never archived. This doesn’t bother me in my browser, but on the iPad it was annoying. I couldn’t tell when I got new emails! I decided to just start using the standard mail app, but it too has it’s issues. I get my Google Priority Inbox access, but it doesn’t sort out all the unread. And given the volume of emails I handle and sometimes keep items unread for prioritization purposes, with the iPad I have to do a lot of scrolling and searching, but at least I can tell when something is new.
**Does anyone else think it’s weird how this OS sends attachments on emails?**

2. Browsing: I had to download a special app to sync my Chrome Browser with Safari. It doesn’t work perfectly, but it is functional.

3. No Flash: Oy! There are times I wish I could watch a video on this thing or see certain site features that use flash. Nevertheless, it’s much easier to get over that I thought.

4. Passwords: I have what I believe be a pretty safe passwords; a twelve character phrase with alternating numbers and letters. I hate having to enter it into the iPad. With Swype (Android only keyboard) I could teach it my password and Swype what looked like nonsense but enter the my passwords. It was great! It was safe and convenient. Now, every time I want to install something, Apple wants me to confirm with my password and it makes me cringe.

So, although not perfect fit, this glove would at least get a conviction. I’m very satisfied with the iPad2. Much more than the Galaxy 10.1 Tablet. It has a ton of apps that work and are formatted correctly. It is responsive, intuitive and functional. Plus, now I be part of the trendy group that is the Apple Lovers.