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The stakes have risen! The Futzing Goal is now backed by @ChristinaLala‘s hard earned cash – maybe she should get a pool going. As officially announced on Twitter this afternoon on Social Media Day, I, Merlin U Ward, have committed a portion of my body to #futzing.

If I achieve the Futzing Goal, Christina will purchase a “#Futzing” Tattoo, placed on the part of my body of my choosing. There is litterally skin in the game now for @MerlinUWard‘s influence in #futzing.

Here’s the immediate progress already being pushed for my new skin-art.

Since today is Social Media Day and in the spirit of all that is social media, I’m willing to give Christina a leg up tonight.

At 8pm tonight at #SMdayPHX I invite anyone who wants to see me with a #futzing tattoo to Tweet all at the same time “@MerlinUWard is #futzing @Klout”

Game on #SMdayPHX!