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The first thing I do in the morning is check my phone for emails – something Merlin Mann (@hotdogsladies) would call an act of assurance. I rarely answer the emails I see until later in the day… usually just the SMS messages. The second thing I do is jump on the computer and check TweetDeck. I spend a good hour (at least) responding to awaiting messages and jumping into a few conversations. The conversation that intrigued me most today was #BeOriginal. Good friend, mentor and pseudo mom, Joan Koerber-Walker (@joankw), was challenged to start tweeting original ideas in place of your favorite book quotes. This spread like wild fire and even good friend, Steven Groves (@StevenGroves) jumped on board.

The point! I’m a rare user of #HashTags – for the tweetilliterate, those are keyword you can attached to tweets for words & concepts used in a common space. Like #BeOriginal is all tweets for original ideas – (The point is coming!) My personal opinion is that I spend WAY TOO MUCH time online. Although I do accomplish many things like making new connections and sending out important emails, I futz around a lot. This gave me an idea. I decided I’m going to start using #HashTags to categorize my tweets. I want to see how many of my tweets are useful and how many are just a tweet for the sake of it. The goal is to start reducing crappy tweets - like those sharing what I’m eating for lunch or what color my shirt is today – and increasing the ones that actually engage others in conversation.

Here are my categories for tracking:
#frivolous – stupid tweets that don’t mean anything to anyone else. i.e. “Doing laundry”
#gratitude – thank you’s to people who deserve my thanks
#muwblog – links to my blog
#muwpinion – my personal opinion on topical subject matter
#muwshare – links to things I find interesting and want to share with you
@______ – naturally, engaging a specific user

I’m sure more will categories will come about as I continue this task. Let’s see what happens!