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Yesterday was DAY 5 of the #Futzing Goal. So far so good, but Klout has not yet recognized @MerlinUWard as influential about #fuzting. We’re only half way through. Below is data on the recent activity.

#Futzing tweets mentioning @MerlinUWard
45 tweets reaching 11,880 people with 31,406 impressions

Tweeter | Impressions
@MichelleSedas | 7,983
@MerlinUWard | 7,500
@SustainableKen | 5,511
@Lafinguy | 2,594
@JackrabbitPHX | 2,230
@EllenStreiff | 1,852
@JodieHeisner | 1,075
@KellyLoubet | 914
@Terra_Walker | 772
@AdamVonWillis | 345
Others | 630

#Futzing Tweets by @MerlinUWard
30 tweets reaching 1,500 people with 22,384 Impressions

That’s 0.5% of my 6,023 tweets involving #futzing

Special thank to these Super Influencers:
Klout 68, for her 3 #futzing tweets mentioning @MerlinUWard reaching 3,983 people
Klout 70, for his 10 #futzing tweets mentioning @MerlinUWard reaching 1,528 people
Klout 71, for his 1 #futzing tweet mentioning @MerlinUWard reaching 2,549 people

Further hypothesis on Klout Topics Influence:
In the first Futzing Goal post, it was hypothesized that to become influential in a topic that it would require a number of mentions with the topic, retweets of posts with the topic, and a certain percentage of tweets of your total tweets on the topic. With only 0.5% of my total tweets involving #futzing, there is a lot of tweeting to be done! The “super influencers”, people at the top of the chart, are helping get impressions. Naturally the more impressions the tweets mentioning you and the topics get, the better off you are. But that may still be an unrelated variable in the Klout Influence. The increase in impressions should correlate to the number of interactions; mentions with the topics.

Stats provided by TweetReach.com