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You may have seen this image on the internet, or see it pop in your social networks soon. Its a guy and he’s wearing a pug shirt.

This is my friend Michael Panza, and yes, that’s really his name and that’s really his shirt.

What happened next was a surprise to all of us. He went VIRAL.

Virality is unpredictable and there is no formula. It ranges from everything like the Double Rainbow, Call Me Maybe, Friday and now, The Guy in a Pug Shirt. The only common denominator is humor, but we can’t all bank on that.

In a matter of 24 hours, The Guy in a Pug Shirt became #1 on Reddit. 4 memes were created, it appeared on a number of websites and lastly it popped up on Pinterest. Why? It was the right place, the right time, the right photo on the right network. People were in the mood for a guy in a funny shirt. That’s all we can really say.

Reddit, Meme 1, Meme 2, Meme 3, Meme 4, Site 1, Pinterest

Michael Panza is an internet sensation and he did on accident. Just Google “Guy in a Pug Shirt