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It was time for an update… all the my profiles we getting old with the same tired picture on them. Not to mention the pictures didn’t really portrayed my personal brand as MUW. It used to be that people could recognize me in that white hat, but as of late a level of professionalism has been brewing and the visual brand required an update. I post this not as a “personal” post, but as a post about business branding.

To help build the new visual elements of the MUW brand I enlisted the help of Heather Gill Photography (@Heather_Gill). The experience was great! The first round of pictures allowed me to find exactly what I was looking for, and only one reshoot later was the final product ready and finalized. Try to get that done with a graphic artist!

Yes, the fun loving, goofy, walk-the-line Merlin U Ward is still around. You just don’t get a dose of him until you step into the MUW world. The new photo, which is seen on any of the online profiles is the doorway to the passionate marketeer, serial entrepreneur, fun, friendly, knowledge and transparent, Merlin U Ward. It’s a gradual experience beginning with a passion for business and marketing. Discover MUW on LinkedIn and see the business interests MUW has; Find MUW on twitter and understand the humor and a glimpse of MUW’s personal life and interests.

Every brand, personal or business, should have layers. Being two dimensional is like painting a window on a wall, you can never get a wider view. Leave pieces to be discovered, but don’t hide them. Allow people to immerse themselves in the brand at their pace and wade deeper into it as they wish. A brand should be inviting, intriguing, and can even have a level of grandeur. That’s it for my [pseudo vanity] branding post.