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Status People released news that the platform now pulls up to 100,000 accounts and analyses up to 1000 of those accounts. Read more at their blog post.

Last week a new analytics platform took the twittersvere by storm. Allegations were thrown around, rumors spread and reputations put in jeopardy. The fuss was about the Faker Score, a free platform created by Status People, a UK based social media management company.

Faker Score allows you to see the percentage of your followers that are “fake”, “inactive” and “good”. The platform promised to shed light on who’s been buying followers and it seemingly did!

According to Rob Waller of Status People, a “fake” is an account with a disproportionate amount of followers to the amount it followers and has high tweets. Essentially dummy accounts created to spam, for bots or sit on a list to be sold to the would-be social media “leaders” to boost their apparent online presence.

“Any ‘leader’ who has built their reputation on fake followers really isn’t a leader at all,” stated Waller.

There is, as always, a catch; the platform only analyzes the last 500 followers of a twitter account. Unless someone recently purchased a list, you would not be able to tell that they have fake followers. Although if you look up the Faker Score of a few of your favorite tweeps, you may still be surprised by what you find.

There also seems to be industry trends in the amount of Fake followers. News organizations and celebrities tend to have higher fake percentages than social media people and marketing companies. According to Status People a score of around 10% is normal, but if you are over 30%, you may want to evaluate what you’re doing.

“I think you should be aiming to have less than 10% fake followers. But this can be difficult for bigger accounts because our data suggests they are far more likely to attract fake and spam followers,” added Waller, “I would say that if you have less than 5% you are doing very well; 5-10% is good; 10-30% is ok; And anything above 30% and you have a significant problem.”

The unfortunate truth on all of this is that anyone can buy you followers, without you asking! Status People’s account was attacked shortly after the launch of the app. It seems some tweeps were displeased with their scores – No need to lash out!

In the coming weeks, Status People plans to add a few features to help negate the affects of fake accounts such as the ability to block fakes, create your won fake lists and track your scores over time. Additionally they plan to release an update to the app this week that shows a score beyond the last 500 followers, giving you more accuracy and insight. If you haven’t checked your score yet this week would be a good time.

Just remember as you are out there posting your carefully crafted 140 character posts, we should be evaluated each other on our engagement not the size of our list.