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The key to your content strategy’s success — and ultimately your success on any social network — is consistency. Not just consistency in posting frequency, but also consistency in context. Every profile with a large following on any network has consistency in its content. This is especially true for networks that use visual content. Your profile, whether it be a brand or personal, should produce a series of content that works together, rather than an eclectic collection. This is also known as salty content.

To prove this, consider the networks Instagram and Vine. Any user with more than 10,000 followers has been producing salty content regularly. For example, Khoa on Vine has a variety of interesting stop-motion paper cut-out videos. He has a knack for producing interesting six-second works of art that intrigue people. And Lowe’s consistently creates six-second how-to home improvement videos.

Both of these accounts’ series of content earned national attention in a relatively short period of time, and both had relatively low amount of content on their respective accounts when they earned that media. They both have successfully found their voice with an audience that appreciates their content.


Sharpie has also harnessed the power of consistency and salty content on Instagram. Although the brand joined Instagram in December 2010, its series of content didn’t begin until March 2012. In a period of three months, it successfully tripled its engagement on the platform and accelerated its fan growth to a now healthy presence. With just over 350 pieces of content, it has more than 105,000 followers.

Businesses born in content production industries have known this for years. Music producers, newspapers, and TV shows have all know that consistency is the key to creating an audience and building viewership. In a world where everyone online is now a content producer, the same rules apply. You must be consistent, your content must be shareable, and then you will have a sturdy foundation on which to build your online presence.

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