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Facebook launched their new insights platforms for brand pages this week. The insights come with the promise of more up-to-date information and a number of new features. There are a few features that really stand out and that help you stay away from excel number crunching analysis.

Post Metrics

Facebook puts a lot more emphasis on Post metrics with the new insights. Under the “Posts” header you can see all your post metrics. Posts metrics are now visualized and make it much easier to see which posts are working and which are not. You can also select different metrics to compare and breakdown reach by organic/paid and fans/non-fans.



Timeframe Selection

Aside from all metrics being current, you can now use a slider at the top of the insights page to choose the date spans you want to view for almost all metrics.


Post Reach

This metric is found under the “Page” header in insights. Post reach now comes with the option to select specifically organic or paid metrics which gives you the average benchmark for the period. The average is shown for the selected timeframe and the timeframe before. This will help you easily recognize trends in your posts and let you set goals against your posts.


Post Insights

If you select a specific date on the “Page Reach” graph, you’ll be shown the posts that were posted that day. Select any of the posts and you will be shown insights on the post with new metrics never seen before on the front end, which include a breakdown of clicks, and negative feedback.


When Fans Are Online

A new metric, not even previously available in the export, is the dates and times your Fans are online. This graph is found under the “Posts” header, oddly enough. You can highlight specific times and even select a date to see how it compares to the average. This will be very helpful when it comes to maximizing post engagement.

When Fans Are Online


Best Post Types

Also found under the “Posts” header, this metrics gives you the summation of all your posts broken down by Status, Photo, Video and Link. You can see the average reach and engagement for each type of post for the selected period. A nice bit of information if you’re not sure what type of posts to be putting out there.


Engaged Demographics

Found under the “People” header you can now find three different types of breakdowns for your fans. The “People Engaged” visualization show demographics of the people who engaged your page compared to the demographics of your fan base. The period is set for the last 28 days, but you can still get great insights on who engages with you the most or if your Facebook advertising is working.

People Engaged

Page Likes

The new graph for page likes are much more informative. The graph show unlikes below the axis, which makes it much easier to see your gain or loss. You can also select specific benchmark metrics to view on their own along with their calculated averages.

Page Unlikes

 Overall the new insights are very helpful! Used wisely they will make your content optimization much easier!

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