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Do you know how your social media engagement is affecting the people you engage with? You may be aware of your social “score”, but do you know what effect that score is having when you tweet, comment, like or otherwise engage with your audience online?

Cheryl Marquez (@CherylMarquez) started a new social experiment last week to answer “How to trash your Klout Score.” She’s disconnected her Facebook and LinkedIn from Klout and plans to not tweet from @CherylMarquez for 10 days to see how much her score drops. (I’m taking bets on the how low it will go, by the way!). I truly appreciate these kinds of social experiments because they allow us to learn the in’s and out’s of the social metric tools and systematically define their best uses and practices. One of the best parts of experimenting is discovering the adverse affects. The best experiments have one single control variable, but sometimes we forget how our actions can effect the environment around us.

In my #futzing experiment, there were noticeable trends that took place on days with specific “turning point events”. The most obvious result was a 7+ jump in my Klout Score. Cheryl’s experiment started July 7th. Looking at my Klout stats I found that on July 8th, my reach dropped 47 points. This is the exact time frame when Cheryl and I stopped tweet back and forth on tech, business and #wordwithfriends. Although Cheryl’s Klout score hasn’t dropped since the experiment started (in fact it when up 0.01 points), her inactivity has had adverse effects on the people she interacts with – apparently Cheryl’s engagement is 6% of my reach!

The jump doesn’t surprise me actually considering after a recent Tweet Stats analysis@CherylMarquez” was #2 on my most mentioned Tweet Cloud. – That has since changed since her experiment.

Your engagement online affects the people around you! Receiving engagement from high Klout scorers, tweets to @ mentions ratios and comment’s affects on reach are all part of the push and pull of your online presence. I suggest playing with a few of these tools that I’ve been #futzing around with to see how your social engagement affect the people you interact with.