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The next post in the short countdown series to show you how to manage your marketing on a daily basis.

#3 Scheduling

Use one of the social tools and take 1 hour of one day to schedule all your social media posts. Select news and articles relevant to your audience to be posted through-out the week. No need to go too crazy, just 1-2 posts a day. These are articles you feel would enlighten your audience and create good conversation. Being relevant will be the tricky part, but if you watch your feeds on a daily basis (as suggested in #4) you should know what your followers are talking about and be able to pique interest.

Great places to find news: Mashable, Digg, TechCruch, TED. Take a day to find quality blogs on your industry to pull content from. These will be great resources! Sharing news is a great way to show you stay up to date in your field and also create great conversation with your audience.

Merlin U Ward