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The next post in the short countdown series to show you how to manage your marketing on a daily basis.

Marketing is a business process. It doesn’t just happen and its certainly not a new age rotisserie oven – you can’t “set it and forget it”. It requires your attention! Fortunately, with the tools available to you, marketing can be easily scaled and manged in about 1 hour a day.

5 days a week you should spend one hour online answering comments and tweets and reaching out to new social consumers. Also, send and respond to emails and return phone calls. 1 hour, that’s it! We don’t want to hear, “I can’t find an hour”. That frankly is B.S. You probably spend an hour watching tv or playing on Facebook in the first place. Now, instead of watching yet another murder be solved or checking all your close friends’ status updates, take a little time to connect with your consumers and answer the questions the have for you.

Merlin U Ward