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Why in the world would Mobile Provider AT&T be endorsing AND providing a mobile barcode service? AT&T recently ran an add in a magazine showing off their QR Code creator… that was just stage one. AT&T then launched an entire campaign geared towards businesses showing off how mobile barcodes benefit business. DripMedia has been advocating mobile barcodes for business since mobile barcodes apps were created. It’s good to see that the corporate world is finally catching up! AND they put all the money into the media presentations!

View AT&T’s site on mobile barcodes. They do a great job embellishing how easy it is for your audience to scan barcodes.

My personal disclaimer: YES, mobile barcodes are incredibly useful and integrate your marketing like you’ve never seen before! Is it as easy for your audience as depicted in the videos in AT&Ts presentation? NO.

Don’t let that discourage you! Integrating mobile barcodes in you marketing plan will DEFINITELY help your business. AT&T list some beautiful examples of implementing barcodes in your print marketing. Technology is catching up fast – phones are faster, high broadband access is getting cheaper. Soon it will literally be just a scan and click to put your brand in the user’s hands.

So, why is AT&T endorsing Mobile Barcodes? The answer is simple, they want to be on the forefront of business mobile marketing. It positions their entire business product line at the head of mobile marketing. Additionally, if you’re going to download their barcode scanner then they’ve put their brand right in your hands as well! It’s all marketing. (hmmm?)

If you’re interested in creating your barcodes with AT&T, this is their site. I also recommend the one’s listed in my “tools” section (one and two), which offer slightly more advanced features such as scan tracking (similar to bit.ly or ow.ly link tracking) and also text message composition.

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