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The internet is taking a huge swing towards visual media. First we had blogging and websites – text text text text text. Video emerged, but that takes time to watch. Platforms like Twitpic and Facebook albums emerged. Now we’re accelerating towards a highly visually based internet with a variety of network catering to the “photo post”.

Tumblr saw amazing growth in 2011, with photos being their number one post type. Facebook just revamped their photo gallery to give photos a bigger and better view. Instagram has been exploding with foodies and scenery. Then there comes Pinterest.

What sets Pinterest apart is that it is primarily women and most of the images all seem to be snap shots of everything users want. Unlike other networks where people post picture of things they have seen or already have, Pinterest is all about the “wants” in the world. Daily, there are new pins of wedding dressing, crafts, art, homes, fashion and shoes (one of my favorite). But none seem to be anything anyone already has in their life.

Does this make Pinterest a dreamer’s network? Is a place for people to get lost in fantasy? Not necessarily. On many occasions there have been post on Facebook or Instagram of crafts or baked goods people have tried – they just don’t make it back to Pinterest.